A hosted desktop provides the same functionalities of a physical desktop for a fraction of the cost, enabling you and your staff to access applications and data on any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world – perfect for an expanding businesses

And from £25 per user… why not let us do all the work?
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Host thousands of email accounts, calendars and tasks at a price to suit without needing to purchase the physical hardware, an ideal solution for small or medium sized businesses and more complex corporations looking to run an email system

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Backup and Disaster Recovery is something you don’t feel you need until its too late…

HOPE and LUCK is not a great backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

Talk to us today about a professional backup solution and it won’t be a £5 per month solution! We specialise in the very best backup solutions there are…

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Fast, secure and efficient DDOS protected web hosting for WordPress and pretty much any CMS or flat site hosting… from just £5+vat per month why not?

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What is The Cloud?

What can it do for you and your business?

Let’s keep it really simple. The perception of the cloud is that it’s big – really big.

But many services that you use that are ‘cloud’ based are actually just software – as a service or a website.

Let’s educate you on what the cloud is, and ultimately how it can benefit you and your business.

The cloud represents your computer, desktop, email, calendars, documents, settings and presentations all in one place, accessed from any number of devices or locations.

There. Now you know what the cloud really is, we can help you maximise on the really cool stuff to increase your productivity.

These services are also known as hosted server, hosted desktop and Citrix server. We are specialists in this field.

Why are businesses like yours choosing The Cloud?

ACCESSIBILITY - available any time - from any location, you're no longer tied to using just one device

PRODUCTIVITY - increased productivity with all applications (email, calendars, documents) all in one place

LOCATION - Wherever you are in the world - here or overseas - you can access The Cloud - and all of your stuff

SECURITY - Cloud based applications offer a more secure environment for data

The Big Idea

So - what is the big idea?

Wouldn't it be great if all the stuff we mentioned was available to you and your business 24/7, so you could be 'at work' being productive, when you're not actually at work?

You could be on the beach, at home drinking coffee - in fact anywhere BUT the office!

It's all down to one simple thing.

Did you know?

That Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram - and many other websites that you use daily - all use cloud based technology?

Software anywhere - anytime

With all your stuff on our cloud, you can sleep safely in the knowledge that all programs you use every day, all the files you save and value, and all you emails are right here for you – accessible from any device.

Imagine opening Word on your phone, Powerpoint on your tablet, or writing an email on your laptop and then sending it from your desktop, regardless of the device or manufacturer – i.e. Android, IOS, Windows – whatever the device, your files will be 100% accessible no matter where you are in the world.

Virtual software is kept continually updated, so you will always be using the very latest software.

Windows or Apple? Who would have thought!

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us to find out more about The Cloud and how it will vastly improve your business!

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The Future is Hosted.


Keep your data safe and secure with The Cloud.


Everything all in one place - you're not tied to one device.


Access all of your data and applications from any location.


Fully supported - we're here if you experience any problems.

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